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July 31, 2008



Not only are operators missing the mark by not marketing back up services, most of the companies out there only back up your contacts. What about your camera phone pictures and videos? Usually that the part I hate the most about losing my phone is losing my pictures ( contacts I can jst ask my friends for). I actually found a great website that not only backs up your contacts but your pictures and videos, its clickova.com and its basically just an application you download into your phone and it uploads everything onto your personal ClickOVA account. Then you can store everything there, have them uploaded to facebook, youtube or flickr. Print out pictures and even share with your friends.
And best part of all its FREE!

Alan A. Reiter

Hi Andy,

Backing up cellular phone data is becoming increasingly important. With phones that store gigabytes of data and more cloud computing, more subscribers will be in agony because they have lost their data with their phone.

Cellular operators are missing a major opportunity by not marketing back-up services.

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