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June 03, 2007


Tim Berkesch

You just described the dream hotel room for road warriors! Thanks for writing this. You did a great job and I will spread the word about it with social media.

Jason Sjobeck

what about a hotel van back-n-forth form the airport?


I don't like feeling that I'm having my pockets picked at a business-class hotel. If I stay at a $35-a-night place out by the Interstate I get free breakfast, free wifi, etc. If I move upscale -- within the same hotel chain! -- suddenly I'm looking at charges for the same services.

The iron and ironing board are important, but it would be really nice if I didn't have to move the furniture in order to find a place to plug in the iron.

Dan W

Spot on. You might wana give Yotel a peek http://www.yotel.com/


Great stuff!. I cant agree less with No. 1. As a blogger its really important for me to be able to work wherever i stay. Others are quite important too

Tom Cain

Good stuff!! I'll add to #4 and say not just lights over the bed, but, usable lighting over the desk and chair with 100 watt light bulbs!!! Hotels seem to corner the world's supply of 60w bulbs and my eyes ache because of it!!

David Spark

Cool piece in TechCrunch today about a videoguide for hotels.


Bill Koslosky, MD

Hey, one third of these items involve noshing.

What about the gym facilities?


You're right: you are high maintenance! At the the sort of hotel I get to stay at, I insist on little more than broadband and a gym. Snacks in a lobby store are a definite plus. You are right about the number and placement of electrical outlets.

Shel Holtz

You missed two:

First, a full-size ironing board and iron. That bathroom-steam technique just doesn't work, and I can't stand those table-top ironing boards. I also don't want to have to call housekeeping to have an iron and ironing board sent up.

Second, a coffee maker in the room with decent coffee.

Moshe Maeir

You left out a electric foot massager in the room after a long day on the show floor...


I tend to agree with all of them... especially the in room safe. Lol and trust me.. we women have more to cram into a safe I believe.


Hey, I am not a jerk :)

But I couldn't agree with number 2 more - if you are doing a quick overnight or traveling with a business colleague/partner and you both have to purchase internet access (at ridiculous rates) is just blood boiling. Usually the front desk will take away one of the charges if you point it out, but you shouldn't have to do that.

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