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June 13, 2007



I can receive mail fine but I am unable to connect to outgoing server. Can you help.I presume a problem with the SMTP?
I AM AT THE MARRIOTT in Indianapolis



I have been a frequent traveler in the past for work. I have a new baby daughter so I am traveling much less now. But back in my traveling days I would hate not being able to connect over hi speed internet, so much so that I would not stay at hotels that didn't offer in room hard wire connection or wifi. I can remember the host hotel for the Oscars a few years back had a heck of a time handeling all the people trying to connect all at the same time to upload their pics and so on. I was just along with my wife and her friends so they could watch the red carpet from the hotel window. At that point I decided that I needed to only stay in rooms with some form of hi speed (I hate not being connected).

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