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December 28, 2006


Alan A. Reiter

I've been using a Sprint Rev. A card (Sierra Wireless AirCard) for a couple of weeks in the Chevy Chase, Md./Washington, D.C. area.

I like it a lot.

The speeds vary, but in general I'm getting downloads of 1M bps - 1.5M bps and uploads of 300K - 400K bps.

It makes a difference not only for uploading and downloading regular files, but it also makes a significant difference for streaming video.

I subscribe to CNN Pipeline and Rev. 0 worked okay while watching Pipeline in a browser, but not when watching it in the proprietary Pipeline viewer, that Pipeline says requires around 700K bps.

With Rev. A, the Pipeline viewer works well.

The upload speed I'm getting is about what Sprint says is typical. The download speeds, however, are faster than the 800K bps Sprint says should be typical.

Assuming the speeds I'm getting remain the same in my area and, preferably, elsewhere around the country, Rev. A will be a significant improvement over Rev. 0.

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