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February 17, 2019


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I think we will see mobile hotspots as early use-cases, yes.

Various reasons for this - firstly they don't tend to move very much, and so things like cell-to-cell handoff are less problematic than they are for phones. There's also probably more tolerance of users for a bit higher latency, heat dissipation etc. And they're just simpler than phones to create, test, support etc.

One problem is going to be how they're used though. Typically, people keep them in pockets or bags while switched on. That's OK for lower frequencies, but the much ballyhooed 5G performance will often need mmWave, or at least 3-4GHz bands. mmWave in particular is generally expected to need line-of-sight.

If you see any of these being demo'd "in the open", ask to see what happens when they put it in a bag.

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