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June 08, 2018


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Evoip Store

No, It is not. It depends on people to people. Most of the people are there who still use traditional call i.e phone calls by dialing the number on their phones. It is obvious that it is time for digitalize things and now it is very easy to call through an app but although still there are many places where there is no facility of the Internet. They use a traditional call. Both have pros and cons.
But Yes, this article provides us with all the information regarding phone calls as well as VoIP phone calls.
Thanks for your article. Keep Posting.


In your pharmacy scenario, it is not necessary for all to have the same app installed. After the call, the pharmacy sends a link to the patient who shares with the care givers. This link can be used to initiate a WebRTC-based comm session linking to the previous history and continue the discussion.

We all having our own "calling" service has been the objective of EnThinnai for some 10 years. I am hoping that soon I will be able to make it widely available.

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