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May 31, 2015


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Jim Courtney

Last summer I used Aeroplan points for our trip to Europe. We flew United out of Toronto to Heathrow via Newark. When I went to check in I called Aeroplan to find out why I could not check in on Air Canada's site, they gave me a record locator for use on United's site for check in. When I checked in I learned about a class of seat that provides extra leg room for $100 each. Being 6'4" I need every bit of leg room available; this was well worth it. Towards the end of the 7-hour flight I could comfortably read the chapter in Commander Chris Hadfield''s book about his landing in Kazakhstan from the Space Station as we were making tha last hour of our landing approach into Heathrow.

One more hint: we had to change to our Heathrow flight on United from a previously reserved flight on Lufthansa to Amsterdam to attend a memorial service near Bath for a life long friend. We got a $560 refund because United does not have fuel surcharges and Lufthansa does. That covered our change fee and our flight from Gatwick to Amsterdam.

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