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December 01, 2013


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Got to disagree with you on this one mostly, Andy. I'd completely forgotten that Jajah even had a retail VoIP business, to be honest, and reminding me doesn't change my opinion. I highly doubt that TF bought Jajah on the basis of its ongoing business' forecast future cashflows.

I don't know all the full details, but my understanding is that various chunks of Jajah DNA exist inside Telefonica Digital's own VoIP platform used as a basis for the now-defunct TUMe, the current TUGo and other services I've heard talked about. At an analyst event a year or so back I heard the name TUCore as its internal platform, and possible basis for future wholesale deals like the Yahoo one.

I'd agree that the price paid looks large now, with hindsight. But it's difficult to know what the value of subsequent accelerated experience has been, or the opportunity costs that would have arisen if they'd chosen a go-it-alone path.

I still think Telefonica Digital is the closest I've seen to an operator "getting it right" in OTT communications, especially with the Tokbox acquisition. The fact it's taken a couple of attempts is nothing to be ashamed of - one of the key strategies I recommend for telcos' digital units is being able to accept failure and try again with something different. Contrast that will all the telcos that just play the same broken IMS/RCS record time & again.

Markus Göbel

Those were the days! Thank you for bringing them back for a glimpse with your post. AFAIK the Jajah infrastructure and development is in good hands at Telefónica.

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