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August 29, 2012


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Through a friend who is managing redundancy for a major Canadian bank I have learned that it means huge expenses down to the level of power source redundancy. They even have power lines in from two major generating stations well separated geographically. And then it's all augmented with a lot of battery backup.

Yes, it can be done but complete redundancy can get very expensive and resource demanding.

Andy Abramson


When so much is at risk, (putting safety aside) not having an online redundant service creates billions of dollars of inconvenience for the travel public. Missed meetings for business people. Lost money for hotels books and pre-paid, etc. The lack of redundancy only fuels the need for trip interruption insurance, which still means the travel public pays.

Michael Graves


I was travelling yesterday. My United flight from Houston to Birmingham was not impacted bu the outage. I was delayed in my ability to retrieve a mobile boarding pass. By the time I reached IAH for my early evening flight the matter had been resolved and terminal B was quiet.

I do wonder if matters of redundancy on systems of this scale are simply deemed too costly. That is, does the airline decide that maintaining fully redundant systems costs more than incurring the occasional outage?

In an industry with slim and variable margins that is a decision that could be made.

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