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July 30, 2012


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when you just exchange your SIM-card, your friends however can not reach you - thus what you could do is buy a USB stick and enter then the SIM in it to be connected via Roaming.

Since you can not put a USB-stick in a tablet, I personally would use a mobile hotspot e.g. from ZTE or Huawei and then surf via them.

Depending on the country you're travelling to you could also rent them with e.g. tep-wireless or pocket connect from Swisscom.


Carlos E Anzola

Always follow your data and voice combination of SIM cards in Europe as I live in France, when I travel EU local SIMs are the best alternative, some I find One SIM for voice and some data, another just for data.
For Example Vodafone.es on prepaid you buy Bundles of data either by time or volume, perfect for occasional user.
SFR France Eu20 prepaid Iphone data pack is unlimited (suppose 1 gig). I keep one Micro SIM for Friends that visit.
Italy Vodafone good for data, TIM for voice. etc
UK I still use my Virgin Mobile, one for data, one for voice and voice.

Also a good alternative when traveling other that your iPhone, a Nexus S and a MiFi is one the new Samsung "Duos"

And for a cyclist like me! A simple Nokia Dual SIM for emergencies my French SIM and the Local SIM in one of the pocket of your Maillot. Or the Samsung Duo "Y" that has a camera, during the ride.


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