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July 04, 2012


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But we don't have a free ride on cellular data. Almost every carrier charges overages, or throttles your connection after a certain amount. You pay for the data you have, and restricted in how you can use your device (such as hotspot tethering). This is not a free ride.

Personally, I think the carriers should support UMA (compliant with GSM-3G, and LTE) and offer it as a "freebie" to allow use to make voice calls over a wifi connection. Drop the minutes, and SMS and allow these to go over data. However this will not happen.

If the carriers do block SIP/VOIP apps over their network, it would make their service less functional. It may even start to enrage customers especially since Verizon brags that loved ones can use Skype to keep in touch. The more data you use, the more they get to rip us off on overages.

Personally, I use wifi most of the time. However, I have GrooVe IP on my Android phone to allow me to have voice calls through GTalk which unknown numbers ring too. It runs on my T-Mobile 3G connection, and I doubt the carriers are going to start blocking voice on LTE services. Simply put, the network if configured properly should handle it, and they get to rape more of our money on it.

As for Skype blocked on GoGo flights, while I never fly - I can only assume the bandwidth on a flight is much smaller than the land based systems. High quality bandwidth requires 128kbps - and if 1MBPS is available for 100 people - of course block it. Even if 10MBPS was available for 100 people. And do you really want 30 people hollering at the significant lover they love to hate about something they did on a plane?

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