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August 23, 2011


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Very interesting ... so here's a big question: if mVideo as standardization is what's needed (which is *not* Skye or FaceTime), what are the odds on platforms tightly controlled like iOS that apps with mVideo will be "allowed" to coexist and even compete with Facetime if Steve Jobs doesn't really want open standards to win? Apple is not really a proponent of open source / open source communities thriving around iOS -- Apple's Developer program requires only fits three types of developers: a University, a Standard Developer or an Enterprise Developer (Enterprise requires a Dun & Brandstreet number). Then there are limits on "Ad-Hoc" apps. A community or tribe based on grass roots open source projects ranging from well organized Foundations (Mozilla, Apache, et al) to a students distributed across the world at disparate educational institutions who contribute code to a github repository, just don't fit in to Apple's little candy coated iOS developer world. This is what's quite concerning going forward in the context of promoting experimentation with open protocols for video call standards eh?

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