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March 31, 2011


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The Skype client has not worked for me since version 5.x came out. Nothing but crashes on both my desktop (WinXP sp3) and laptop (Vista) PC's. There seems to be plenty of others out there with similar problems:

I've given up on using Skype (I rarely use it, anymore). Perhaps I will try it again in future, once I buy new PC's. (only to see if it works as a test)

It's a pity, though... I started using Skype way back before most people knew what VoIP was and Skype was giving free calls to PSTN landline and mobile numbers.... just like Google Voice and GChat are doing now.

There are plenty of other options to fill the gap. Between various BYOD SIP VoIP providers and Google Voice/Chat, Skype is becoming little more than a distant memory... for me.

Jeff - cqviop.net

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