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December 21, 2010


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Good to see that GV is extending the free calling period through 2011.

I'm glad to see Google is keeping up the pressure on the telco and mobile service providers by providing us with alternate long-distance calling options. Inevitably, GV will have to start charging money, as did Skype (remember the old days when Skype calls to PSTN landlines were also free?) I'm all for free calling for as long as Google is willing to provide that option.

I've been using GV since the early days of GrandCentral beta. It's a great service. I just wish they would offer numbers here in Canada too. But, I'm fortunate that I have a GV number in Charlotte, NC and am able to receive free calls from family down there. By having incoming calls to my GV number forwarded to my Gizmo5 account and then having Gizmo5 forward to my SIP VoIP provider, it's a free call all the way.

Now, I'm just wondering what Google's plans are for Gizmo5 and SIP connections to GV...

Jeff - cqvoip.net

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