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November 06, 2010


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Andy Abramson


Just as Skype and Vonage have flattened the price of calling to almost nothing in many countries, the Skype effect of video in 5.0 overall will likely change the perception of video. Give it three years and more and more of the calls being made will be HD on mobile and video from the desktop. Video will be "present" but may not be used all the time, but for more and more meetings, it will become standard, especially in collaboration of remote work teams.


It's no secret that I think HD Voice and Video Calling are at best niche plays for at least 3 more years. HD Voice breaks when it hits the PSTN - and not nearly enough VoIP Providers peer. I am in the Industry pushing video, but I have only had maybe 4 requests for video. Sure some of you immersed in the business like video, but it's not something the average Joe wants; will pay for monthly; or can use reliably and easily YET. Just my opinion.

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