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October 31, 2010


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Andy Abramson

They've now done away with the ugly banner that you refer to from what I recall, or perhaps it doesn't show up on a Mac Book ?

Michael Graves

FYI.... http://www.mgraves.org/2010/07/initial-experience-with-southwest-airlines-in-flight-wifi/

Michael Graves

I first tried the Southwest in-flight wifi back in July. It was offered on a 3 hour flight from Houston to LAX. The performance was adequate and the price is right.

However, the fact that they force you into a login screen and then thereafter leave a banner at the top of your browser is a serious PITA. I'm ok with someone co-opting some of my screen real estate in order to place an ad that pays for a free wifi offering. But If I'm paying for the service then they have no right to make such demands.

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