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September 15, 2010


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I stand corrected. You're right. Now that really is a peculiar design. So, except for international calling revenue, AT&T loses nothing by permitting Google Voice calls.


Hey Andy - Thanks for the mention and good blog. We have also been working on making sure our my.onsip interface works with the iPad. Plus, Rob made this video on making your iPad into a phone: http://bit.ly/bmPwor You're right; the VoIP on your iPod touch has been around for a bit. Nice to see people adapting the tech. -OnSIP

Andy Abramson

Actually, from what I know all GV does is use the data path to set up the call. The call is then bridged to the PSTN side of the mobile network. Just try to make a call using GV without any 2.5 or 3G data coverage and see what happens. When I lose CDMA coverage on Verizon I lose the ability to make the call.


The Google Voice limitation on iPods/iPads was Apple-induced as you may recall. It was Apple that blocked a transparent interface to Google Voice on their hardware. On Android devices, Google Voice makes transparent outbound SIP calls using the dialer that comes with the phone. Perhaps now that Apple has changed their TOS (again), things will change for the better.

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