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July 03, 2010


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this smells like something huge.
questions are: US market only (first), any public release date?

Darin Simmons

I agree with the AOL comparison. Others have brought the fact that Picasa lives on the desktop and not within the HTML5 / Chrome browser experience.

Personally, I use a 10 keypad and the idea of using a faux-phone which is inverted smacks of playing to the phone mentality instead of playing to the computer mentality. I will call from my computer so please G, invert the pad.


I guess that they are waiting for chrome apps spec to settle a bit before embedding GizmoVoice into the chrome browser as a native extension.

Embedding voice in the browser really makes sense. Outside the browser, it's just another (good) softphone. Inside the browser it can leverage the whole Google Ad machine. Voice is our most expressive medium, it has been missing from the web too long.

Of course I'm biased, we at Phonefromhere.com have been embedding VoIP in the browser for a while now, but it's nice to be in agreement with Larry and Sergey :-)

Give the web a voice!

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