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June 20, 2010


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It looks like iOS does not play well with others. I recently got my iPhone 4 and loaded the Gizmo5 app. While incoming calls are routed to both Gizmo5 and my AT&T number via GoogleVoice, the iPhone cannot handle it. The call fails no matter which I try to answer (Gizmo or AT&T). Any ideas?

Greg Weidenhammer

I believe there is a use case that you did not highlight that gives favor to a femtocell. If I initiate a mobile call in my home through another means (wifi, sip, etc) and leave the house to run an errand, the call drops.

If I initiate a call through a femtocell, the call in theory continues (assuming there is coverage outside the walls of your house, maybe not a safe assumption, but for many that is the case)


“Besides, why should the cable operators like COX, which is entering the mobile phone business, or Cablevision … want to carry someone else's voice traffic for free…—but that's likely another story…”

And a big one, too: this seems to be the most important application for net neutrality yet. My government-guaranteed monopoly ISP is going to be able to choose how much I have to pay for phone service, too?


Two solutions I like to reduce Cell costs for the Enterprise in this vain. . .

I really like what Cisco is doing with it's mobility client for the iPhone / iPad. It already let's me use my enterprise phone number over wifi for no additional licensing cost. Once multitasking is added this will be a great app.

I also like the QuestCom Cell phone gateways for enterprise and SMB. Attach the gateway. Plug in a couple SIMs and get enterprise to mobile calling using an unlimited calling plan.

I'm curious to your thoughts on these Andy.


Your objection to femtocells is Truphone? Hasn't Truphone been around for much longer than femtocells, without making any real impact on the mobile voice market?

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