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June 02, 2010


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I don't get the $20 tethering charge that come without any additional data? Hopefully the iPhone will move to other carriers here in the US.
Competition would cause better pricing.


From a Canadian perspective this is most interesting and amusing. Rogers recently ran a one or two month tethering trial and made it permanent about a month ago.

You can tether both iPhone and BlackBerry; they give instructions on their website. It simply uses up the iPhone or BlackBerry data plan at NO additional cost. And finally I may go above 1GB on my 6GB per month iPhone data plan since it's my MacBook that I take on the road.


It's a straight cash grab, Andy. There's no justification for it in terms of excess usage. Here in Canada tethering is allowed as part of the standard data plan for iPhone, and the average usage of data on Rogers' network is about $500M. AT&T is cleverly marketing themselves as the victim in order to justify jacking up customer's data rates.

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