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April 25, 2010


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Andy, good points that I missed. Some folks mentioned that CTEL would dump the Cyber Centers, but I don't see that happening. They are required to get Enterprise data contracts.

I just don't agree that bigger is better. Scale certainly means costs can be spread out farther, but that doesn't guarantee quality in service delivery or customer care. We see that with both RBOCs, who can't or won't maintain the PSTN and who have let so many people go, they can't find the paperclips.

CTEL isn't exactly a back-office powerhouse either. Still stuck in the 1970s mentality of ILEC. To win Enterprise away from the Ma and Pa Bell requires more than network. It requires flexibility and ease to work with. Also, you have to know where the paperclips are, because corporate types won't get fired buying from Ma and Pa bell, even if paying a premium.

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