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February 03, 2010


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John Nicholson

This could be big in finally offering a secure easy to use faxing option for those of us with legacy clients that still live by the machines.


Sadly one of the main reasons fax is used is because of PCI/HIPPA compliance. Fax to email breaks this compliance and only makes things worse, and security is hard to enforce on both senders and receivers.

This system would handle the conversion of the PDF/JPG to the lower fax resolution at the local gateway which would reduce bandwidth vs. E-faxing where your sending a full size image over the internet then having the loss conversion take place.

As for the TCP encapsulation, SMTP already uses TCP for the same reason this system does its efficient at error checking.


A PDF or JPG via email really is the way to go here: Unified Archiving, simple to use. Fax over VOIP to TCP = crazy inefficiencies .

Maybe I am the one that is crazy, in that case, bringing back Teletype by interfacing it to TCP-IP, and it could replace email and twitter.

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