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December 07, 2009


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Curtis Carmack


Thanks for the evocative post. I'm about to go your route (virtually no GSM, only WiFi and 3G based communications) and am looking forward to ditching AT&T's network. Just want to put in a thank you for the early recommendation on the Free Talk Everyman. I cannot believe the quality of voice and music for $23! I like the eco-friendly and reusable packaging, too.

Keep up the great posts!



Hi Andy,

Loving your post (and blog). I also have an unlocked 2352 from Novatel - on it here in my hyper-unconnected family home in the wilds of Ireland. The Pocketspot is out by the top-floor window and WiFi-ing me to the net from there. Love the product....

I'm only an "Andy-lite" in the connectivity respect, but really enjoying products and services like Blackberry, Netbook, MiFi, Contract Mobile Broadband, Skype, and particularly Rebtel - it's a life-saver for me for US & Asia calls from my BB 8900, at Skype-like rates.

Pity you're not in Paris this week - tripping over there for one day - looks like it'll be the best one yet...


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