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November 08, 2009


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Andy Abramson

Yes when the VoIP apps like Skype and Truphone work over WiFi on the Android.

Garth Nalleweg

Alec. Forgive me.
Does that mean that when I am travelling abroad, if I'm connected to Wifi in my hotel for my computer, can I also connect the droid and use skype inexpensively?
Also, if I'm at a hotspot abroad, can I use skype there? does it cost money to connect to the hotspot?
I'm a bit confused about these things, but I get ripped every time I travel. Phone useage can easily outstrip the airFARE, and that ain't FAIR.

Thanx a bunch

Andy Abramson


Its the total experience.


Andy, aren't you confusing the speed of the network with the phone? Here in Soviet Canuckistan iPhone the iPhone rocks on the Rogers network. I would imagine that Android phones perform similarly.

So isn't your beef with AT&T and not iPhone?

Andy Abramson

David-No. You will use both your Skype minutes and your voice plan minutes.

James-I am using the Skype Beta in the Market for Android. Works great.


Let me get this straight, I can use my Skype subscription on the Motorola Droid to place calls in the US, using only Verizon data and not my minutes?


Andy what skype client are you using on Droid ?


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