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September 27, 2009


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Rumor is AT&T is working with HD voice in San Antonio; just doing Yet Another VoIP service won't win back customers currently in the calbe space.

Andy Abramson

I think Google and Apple are both looking at the carriers and saying things to themselves (or even each other) like:

1) Why do we want to work with these guys who hold our growth back
2) When did the old control the lives of the new
3) As upstarts we already changed how things are done. Why let those folks hold us back and slow thing down.


I'm not against Google. I simply disapprove poor business preactice to grab [steal] subscribers. Andy - you know better than anyone that the game is around 3 numbers: 1. churn; 2. ARPU; 3. subscriber acquisition costs.

Recession and recent losses has implications for the following factors on all carriers:
1. Higher churn;
2. Lower ARPU;
3. Increasing subscriber acquisition costs.

Google has low Churn, 0 ARPU and 0 acquisition cost and operates on carries background.
It's unfair competition by all means.
Now saying that AT&T is not a team player- well we all know that. But it doesn't justify Google's attitude.

Google is not the enemy. They have a good opportunity to change the Telecom. Let's not ruin it.

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