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August 09, 2009


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We've tested a couple of pretty nice SIP phones for the iPhone. I'm particularly interested in SIP for the iPod Touch. In August, on vacation, I was already using iSip and OnSip together to enjoy calls on our deck using the Touch, an add on headset with mic, iSip and OnSip. In particular, I made a 30-minute call to a government office, speaking to two people and experiencing perfect quality. No one asked me to repeat or gave the usual "you're breaking up, sir" admonition, so I think this is a winning combination.

Rob Wolpov

The OnSIP team has been working with the iSIP team throughout their development cycle. Here's the latest iSIP review.

It's a good start. We have reported some issues to the development team who have been very responsive. We were quickly informed the problems are addressed in the next release which is currently in review by Apple.

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