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April 14, 2009


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Andy Abramson

If those of us in the USA had many options for ISPs you'd be right. But most have two options.

Cable or Telco.

My prediction is that if one breaks ranks and goes Pay for Play so will others.


When Time Warner blocks my use of Skype, I'll be blocking my wallet from paying them and moving to another ISP.

Your prediction is stupid and flawed.

You aren't taking into account that customers can survive without Time Warner.....Time Warner cant survive without customers.

Sure like any market place there will be customers who dont care because they dont use skype, or dont find it a big enough issue to move.

But once enough pissed off and "now looking for a new isp" customers leave then Time Warner will be in a situation that my monthly payments "will" be noticed.

But hey, if you are too rich that it doesn't both you then thats great for you.


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