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April 23, 2009


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Andy Abramson

CallCentric works. they are reliable, but the service isn't what CallVantage is. The companies I suggested all have more robust platforms.

For pure SIP connectivity, and VoiceMail, with basic bells and whistles CallCentric would be a useful choice.

Tony Palik

Thanks for the pointer to the great article. As someone who also beta tested for CV in 2004 and came into Vonage when they had reached 50K subs in 2003, I don't see myself going back to landline.

Given the recommendations above, I noticed that one many people seem to be happy with is Callcentric. Are you able to offer any opinion on them please ?


Sorry to hear about this... You should add Flowroute (www.flowroute.com) to your list of VoIP trunks to consider. I started testing them when VoicePulse washaving outages at almost a weekly basis. Their uptime is fantastic, call quality is great, and the rates are also very competitive. I started using them after Astricon last year and haven't regretted the decision. Since the test, I've ported all my VoicePulse numbers to them.

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