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April 07, 2009


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Sean Lessman


I read your post/blog and wanted to add a few points that might add to the story. First, the recording application only works as a content creation engine, it does not record meetings today. It allows a user to sit at a Cisco Telepresence system and create a video message (as a point to point to the content recording engine) and then distribute. Maybe conference recording will come later, I am sure it will.

Second, the connection to 'standards based' products is through a RADVision/Cisco gateway that reduces the quality to VCR quality video (CIF) and telephone quality audio (G.711). So you lose the high definition of the Cisco Telepresence system when talking to standards compliant devices. This means you do not really connect to 'standards based HD' systems.

Hope this information is useful.

Sean Lessman
TANDBERG (www.tandberg.com)

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