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March 28, 2009


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Aliasgar Babat

Yeah, Google Voice is good but Skype is much better b/c it provides superior sound quality. Additionally, RHUB`s web conferencing servers also provides free audio conferencing with landline voice quality.


Google voice has recently only been working in the US, Canada, and UK. And in the last few weeks it has been removed from working in the UK. So a lot of user have been left without a call phone button. Finally a solution was found to get the call phone button back in the UK. Then we realized this solution can be used in any country. Check out:



Really happy to see possibility for skype-in using googlevoice ; something I have been waiting for. However, I don't see why Skype will allow their only revenue source (Phone #s and Long Distance charges targeted for $1B 2010) taken by Google?

Rob Wolpov

SIP is a problem for Skype, Google or anyone for that matter who wishes to keep any sort of strange hold on traffic with a closed door policy.

Ultimately, SIP causes proprietary networks to disappear and everyone, every enterprise, every application, every household can be reached via a SIP address.

The only cost is bandwidth for a call. BUT, the winners will be the ones who offer applications, reachable from ANY SIP Network by SIP address, for which a customer is willing to pay.

That's the idea behind OnSIP Hosted PBX. Every component of the service (auto attendant, directory, extension, voice mailbox, etc. ) and every user is assigned a unique SIP address for each customer's hosted sip domain.

Everyone else is toast.


Andy, there is only one simple problem with your proposal here: SIP--> Skype is NOT supported by Skype for SIP. This has been extensively discussed on the Voice On The Web Pulbic chat (including input from various potential Skype for SIP players), a summary of which is available here: http://voiceontheweb.biz/2009/03/skype-for-sip-sorting-through-the-issues/. Included in the post are the confirmed connections available in Skype for SIP.

In practice a key identified differentiator of Skype for SIP and Skype for Asterisk is the latter's ability to deal with SIP-->Skype.

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