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January 03, 2009


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Michael Picher

I would agree that this needs to be more Mobile Centrex. But people run from the term Centrex because of the contracts they got locked into back in the day (heck, we still see it and curse at it in our SME market)... so let's not use that term :-)

I agree that to make all this work right, the handset players need to come together, as you pointed out, because development of apps for each phone type (don't expect execs to remember * codes) would be daunting.

Certainly, some of the traditional PBX players are adding this capability to their PBXs. I'm not so sure that larger institutions will want to give up their PBX either... they still need major answering/operator points, ACD queues, etc.

That being said, the providers will need some sort of link back to the institution's PBX to make everything seamless. And all those PBX vendors all adhere to the standards all the time right? (ha).

So now, we're not only looking at handset vendors working together but also PBX vendors. I'm not holding my breath. :-)

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