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January 21, 2009


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Agreed, Cisco's TP has been slow on the uptake, as has Tanberg's. The issue is not usability but cost. Both are actually very easy to drive, both integrate with IPT/ UM, and can work across SIP and H323 boundaries, if you accept the investment in gateways. Yes there is some complexity in set up - but not as much as you think.
Cisco's build out of Webex is the key to your assertion above. The added integration it has now with Cisco Unified communications Manager 7 and Meeting Place takes the home user experience and makes it enterprise ready. Microsoft is trying a similar thing.
The shift to "user driven innovation" is here now as apps and services like Skype and Sightspeed drive expectations of users.
In fact, Skype has done more for my Tandberg and Polycom sales than any trade show/ marketing campaign as it socializes Video with users.

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