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December 03, 2008


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Andy Abramson

Actually not. That's not correct.

In his analysis it appears that he missed the point about OnSip's "No Extension Pricing" by calculating the total sum based on the assumption of a charge of $39.95 PER extension plus usage. This is in error.

Reading that, this points that out http://www.onsip.com/faq

This is one of the differences between a flat rate bundle vs. a pay for service model.

Additionally, he loaded in two optional services into the calculation, auto attendant and conference bridge. Those are OPTIONS, so their inclusion in the price leads to a high price, when many users do not need those services. Those two additions add $478.xx to the bottom line that I don't incur as a PAYING customer.

FYI-I also revealed that Junction etworks is a client.


Huh. Your statements seem to be untrue. I see Junction is a client of yours. Having trouble staying objective?


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