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December 18, 2008


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Len Edgerly

To me, the genius of the Kindle is that it so carefully hews to the functionality of the book. So I worry about expanding its capabilities to video or other add-ons. I've interviewed 23 Kindle lovers so far on my weekly podcast, and what I hear most often is how much they loved to read before the Kindle, and how much the Kindle enhances the joy of reading. I read more than I ever did before, and my reading takes more diverse places. I hope Bezos and company keep it simple, while improving things like the ability to organize titles in folders, better handling of .pdf files.
Next week's show on Dec. 26 will feature an interview with an Army captain who always has his Kindle with him in Iraq, so he has something to read when unexpected delays arrive. I love how the Kindle is reintroducing people to the joy of reading.
Len Edgerly
The Kindle Chronicles

John Hermansen

I absolutely agree with the divergence concept. It seems like a similarly important theme is that usability is king. Devices like Kindle or the iPhone are not only popular because of their functionality, but because they are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The concept of mobile IP communications is probably confusing to most people, but if applications can be developed that even my mother can use, then that is a big step toward mass adoption.


I Love my Kindle. As a Cisco VOIP consultant who travels constantly I have my whole technical library. (About a Dozen thick Cisco Press books and others) at my fingertips.
It would be interesting to see what they could do if they open the platform up.

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