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December 15, 2008


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Bandwidth is definitely a issue, especially when using VOIP outside the US and Europe (Thought even that can be bad at times).

I've found that Skype while great when you have decent bandwith, is next to useless on poorer, lower speed connections.

I've actually found that vonage is better over those slower lines (128 K Down / 16 k up Microwave connection) were it is actually reasonably usable as opposed to Skype, Google Talk, etc which more more or less refuse to work.

Perhaps you could look at and suggest VOIP providers which are more efficient in their bandwidth usage, or at least offer the user some control over those setting.

Something like that would be really useful, especially for people outside the US, or those who travel to places with poorer connections regularly.


That is why we have a fractional T1 at our office and our remote workers usually have cable companies as their providers.


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