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June 16, 2008


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Indeed, I didn't show up in Amsterdam for the VON show, because I was entitled of Pulvermedia's difficulties. But the least one could have done was confirming the cancellation of the VON Europe show by e-mail to the persons who were to attend, either as speakers or as exposants. This was not done, although it could have taken 5 minutes. In my words, that's called being polite. Note that I don't blame Carl or Jeff, or any of Pulvermedia people for not doing it, but I blame the owner.


Perhaps those lost souls who showed-up at the Amsterdam RAI center should lay some blame at the feet of TICC Capital.

It may have been a business decision to shutter PulverMedia...
but it is just irresponsible to leave the VON website active (at least to the casual observer) for months.

The active industry news feed and blogs erroneously create the impression that someone is still minding the kitchen...

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