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May 12, 2008


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Craig Plunkett

Without doing some deeper analysis of the path between the endpoints, its a little unfair to automatically blame the last mile provider, which might be the ILEC, if it is XO's DSL. Once a quarter, one of the Covad lines that I run one of my hotspots off of gets screwed over, and it takes a day of fingerpointing between Covad and VZ to resolve it, and I'm never sure if its a DSLAM or an upstream router issue. Your problem could have been a peer somewhere in the middle. You didn't describe any of the troubleshooting you did with any other apps besides VoIP between you that might have provided a smoking gun. You might well have been right, but it seems awfully glib to shoot them on reflex like that. I couldn't really give a rat's behind about XO, either way.

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