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March 13, 2008


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Alan Reiter

Hi Andy,

I could have written almost the same post as Judi Sohn. I'm on Verizon DSL because I've been waiting for FiOS -- that is around me in Maryland, but not where I live (in a very urban location).

I, too, called the WRONG number posted on Verizon's Web site. I called it -- twice -- because I couldn't believe Verizon would be so stupid as to post a wrong number (after all, shouldn't a telephone company know how to publish a correct telephone number?)!

I can't get the new 7 Mbps service either, and I live close to the central office. Perhaps I should say the hell with Verizon and their lack of FiOS and just use Comcast (I'm not a fan of Comcast, though).

My DSL speeds are a bit faster than Judi's, but not much.

Judi Sohn

Thanks, Andy. That's exactly what I said to one of the reps I spoke to, "Come on...I have money ready to leave on the table here. Aren't you trained to jump at that?!?" He didn't seem to care.

As you know, I switched to Verizon DSL last year thinking it was going to be a temporary thing while I wait for FIOS. Unfortunately, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting.

I know they're in my area, they're just not in my neighborhood. In the meantime, I deal with real-world speeds (on a good day) of around 2.1M down/400K up. Pathetic.

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