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September 25, 2007


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Pity that this debacle is giving the entire VoIP segment a black eye because there are great companies out there focused on the technology and not the sizzle. Hey, I liked the Vonage commercials as much as the next guy. I only wish they had spent more time and money making sure they had the rights to use the technology. And then Sunrocket strands people. Some alternatives, if you're looking are Net2Phone and Lingo, since they've been around for a long time -- better safe than sorry.


One might think that VoIP for consumers is down for the count – with the Sunrocket meltdown and now this legal mess with Vonage leaves one pining for a provider who has been around and won’t get knocked out the box. I asked my IT geek friend what they liked and they told me about Net2Phone. Unlike almost all the other guys – this company has been at this for 12 years and they are well funded (big IDT owns them). He also said that now because of all the uncertainty – they are running a special try/ buy offer. Try them for 3 months free and then it is just $19.95/ month – plus you get to keep your phone number. It’s better than paying the big telco’s lots of $$$ every month.

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