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September 09, 2007


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Shai Berger

Re: Boingo...

Seems like Apple is finally doing what Boingo and the other hotspot consolidators could not do - set up no-touch sign-on across a *meaningful* number of hotspots.

They're starting with Starbucks (which i think is the largest US hotspot network now). But certainly they will expand quickly.

I can imagine they'll have some nifty "Apple Wifi" sticker that stores can display.

That means the iPhone might be the first wifi phone with a any decent odds of working outside the home or office. In any US city, you can *always* find a Starbucks.

Strong parallels with their iTunes triumph - i.e. getting all the music co's to agree on a single online store. Apple just has the midas touch with this kind of stuff.

- Shai

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