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May 27, 2007


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Andy Malcolm

I feel your pain. That is exactly why if there is to be a true, mobile, nationwide wireless Internet, it will be up to someone else.

The truth is, it has already started, and it has nothing to do with the companies you mentioned.

We are actually much close to a wireless Internet "coming of age" than you realize.

This is going to be awesome...

...I'll see you there!

Ken Arneson

I really like my mobile 3G router. I plug my Sprint EV-DO card into the router, then it broadcasts a WiFi signal that I can use wherever I happen to be.

With my laptop I can now make all my calls, get full email and do all those things I can from my desk at the office. While these are great productivity tools, let's not forget that when people use VoIP like a regular phone that they expect to be able to dial 9-1-1 and get help. http://e911blog.com

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