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May 04, 2007


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It's not unusual for broadband routers to break SIP-based voice services.

The coax that is coming out of the router is using the home networking standard, HPNA. Of course, by that time's already been NATted.

We need ICE, which is as close to Skype as the SIP vendors have now, to resolve these NAT traversal issues.



Just posted this on another site:

I just got Fios 2 weeks ago with the Actiontec MI424WR and I can confirm similar VoIP problems. I connect to my corporate voice pbx and since the switch we have had little or no service when running through the Actiontec. Interestingly, when we change the configuration to act as a bridge to our linksys router, everything runs fine.

In troubleshooting the Actiontec, we encountered several SIP errors in the log. We chose not troubleshoot it since we didn’t want to deal with an unresponsive tech support. I’d love to be in touch with your verizon contacts and sort this out. It seems to be isolated to an Actiontec problem.

Andrew Mitry

My in laws had the same issues when they installed FIOS and ended up having to switch to Verizon's VoiceWing.

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