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April 12, 2007


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Oliver Starr "stitch"


This is just another prime example of carriers behaving badly. It seems like the government sponsored pseudo monopolies can't manage to line their purses by offering a good service at a fair price and instead have to resort to false advertising (read the fine print for your "unlimited" data plan), anti-competitive behavior (cutting off the use of freeconference.com via mobile phones) and of course removing the advertised functions from phones.

I have a post on this topic over on Guidwire Connection (http://guidewireconnection.com/oliver-starr ) if you want more of my thoughts on the matter...

Oliver Starr

Ram Fish

Andy - completely agree. The operators both US and globally attempt to remove WiFi & VOIP are dangerous and anti-competetive behavior. Nokia's Multimedia group has been coming up with fantastic devices - and luckily it is mostly selling it outside of the operators channel - with the full capabilities enabled.

In the US, the recent FCC petition to apply the CarterFon ruling to wireless will ba great first step to changing this behavior.

Chris Holland

i'm really hoping for increased pervasiveness of wireless IP networks, WiFi, WiMax, WiWhatever, and the normal practice of exchanging SIP addresses within vCards/hCards with fellow humans, so "phone" manufacturers can start selling their devices directly to consumers who would have a wide array of reliable wireless IP networks to choose from, with ease.

This way we can all bypass phone carriers altogether and never have to deal with "crippled devices" ... ever ... again ...

Aaah, we can dream! :)

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