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January 06, 2007


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I'm surprised that you guys think bloggers get different (i.e. worse) treatment than mainstream media. Maybe that's how it appears on the surface, but I think most people realize how important the bloggers are.

I see it everywhere that bloggers get better treatment myself. When Rocky Balboa came out, Sylvester Stallone personally talked to all the people via AintItCoolNews.com (a blog site) and answered everyone's questions every day. He didn't do this for the mainstream media. When companies do big releases (i.e. Yahoo), all the bloggers are invited down.

The barrier to entry for reporting is very small now (as it is for most things that used to depend on technology), and I would hope most people would appreciate the importance of bloggers and "citizen" journalists.


I am not a regular reader of your blog but stumbled upon via ZDNet's regurgitation of Nicholas Carr's piece about it.

I find it admirable of you to postscript your edits and link back to him with credit.

As you know, I 'dugg' you - for being right on the money in your observations (...typos, run-on's, and all :-) It is certainly worthwhile to try to use spellcheck and correct grammar, but as long as you’re honest, relevant, and readable- who cares? (Other than Nicholas Carr and Donna Bogatin ;-)

Cheers...Have a great time @ CES!


I believe that this "Instant Journalism" concept is really driven based on trust from an audience small or large. Trust can be based on actually using digital social media to communicate and is also based on the reputation and expertise of the citizen journalist.

Old mainstream journalism has not always included actual real media to prove points. We are seeing bloggers, podcasters, and video bloggers get down to the street level and actually record and present the actual facts.

I have spoken to many so called mainstream journalists over the years who covered so many different topics that most of the stuff they wrote about they had no basic understanding of the topics. I think we are seeing true experts who live and work the topics everyday become the journalist now.

I trust Andy's views on VOIP and Internet trends more than most mainstream media writers. I do think things are changing and getting better with the mainstream media in this regard as we see more reporters specialize in areas that they have some expertise in. I think the fundemental change is more around true experts covering their own industry topics.

Rob Greenlee
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John Cass

There is definately a transition, but I would not throw out all journalists. In fact I think the profession is fast adopting blogging. What I'd like to know is what can bloggers learn from the profession of journalism?

David Spark

Well I am a strong supporter of video blogging, but you can't just stick a camera on someone, record, and think you're going to get an audience.

In a nutshell, you must create compelling video or you're going to lose your audience. And much of that has to do with the inherent fact that video is not a scannable or searchable medium. Although there are technologies like Podzinger that are trying to narrow that gap.

My extended comments on your post are at my blog.


Search yesterday on Google for "Nokia N800" -- nothing.

Search yesterday on Technorati for "Nokia N800" -- everything you could want to know.

If you're in any kind of business where time matters, you need the bloggers to be paying you attention. Also, where do you think the mainstream media will be going to do a little background research before writing their product reviews?

No network operators have ever attempted to engage me as a blogger, or even notify me of interesting new products. Loads of vendors have, though.

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