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November 06, 2006


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I have to disagree with you on this one. I think EV-DO holds alot of promise (Rev A anyway).
Increased upload speeds and reduced latency means the first true viable (not idela, but viable) alternative to wire-based broadband. With products like Linskys' WRT54GEG-ST that allow you to plug in your broadband card and use your mobile broadband where DSL or 2 Way cable modem service is not available also helps to increase overall broadband coverage.

Regarding the piece about companies like Sprint & Verizon building a one-piece smart client to handle everything... Been there, done that. Sprint "used to" have a client for their "Extended Workplace" which offered a single client on your pc which handled home broadband, dialup, wireless via WiFI hotspots or broadband card, CMDA, GSM, etc. Best of all, Sprint didn't charge for it. It was based on Fiberlink's Extend 360 client. So what happened? Sprint did away with it because of pressure and other issues maintaining Fiberlink's modified client without getting paid to do the work. Now we're left with companies like Fiberlink & iPass that want to charge through the roof for a 1-stop shop do everything front end client. I think this area should be/could be a very lucrative space with few competitors to come in, especially given the various types of connection mediums available, and more along the way (i.e. Wimax down the pike). But... for now, I think EV-DO rev A is a step in the right direction, and Sprint's got it right by building out a meshed Wi-Max / EV-DO rev A/B network.

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