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November 09, 2006


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Stephen G

I must be the only happy mylo owner. I prefer not to carry around a big phone (e.g., blackberry, treo, etc) so I didn't have a mobile Internet device until I got the mylo.

Because it is small I carry it with me (pocket or laptop bag) and in just seconds can grab it, power it on and go online to check e-mail, view news sites, etc. mylo's Opera browser is suprisingly useful, even at mylo's 320x240 display resolution. (My trick: Set zoom to 90%, text size to small)

The reason I bought the mylo was to use the Skype functionality. However, because to hear and be heard you need to use the microphone and headphones I don't carry those around and as a result have made Skype calls just twice.

I would probably use it more if I had Wi-Fi access on the train and at retail locations.

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