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August 16, 2006


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Eventually FTTH (fiber to the home) will be commonplace - the race has already begun. My question is where does this leave "one trick" ponies like Vonage which only do voice?

Verizon will always offer a higher quality voice product for a higher price. Vonage and SunRocket will always be the low cost product struggling for market share and profit.

My post quality of service shows the benefit DSL already has over cable.

Tom Keating

Interesting. You just linked together my Verizon deploying fiber in NYC from the other day and my post about pure play VoIP players vs. telephony and cable companies.

Of course, you were giving cable a positive nod and I was giving BOTH cable and telephone carriers the nod, and then I gave a negative nod towards one-trick ponies like Vonage.

Cable companies are certanly ramping up fast, but don't discount fiber and ADSL2+ in the long-term which could turn the tide in favor of the telephone companies.

Also, as I mention in my post, single-play providers like Vonage could be in trouble without net neutrality protections.

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