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June 14, 2006


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If you think about it though, there is a difference between individual hosted VoIP services that folks like Vonage do, and hosted PBX services like with 8x8's Virtual Office product. Same difference as a user with a POTS line and Centrex.
Is 8x8 the first company to provide Hosted PBX? No. Are they the first to successfully sell it to end users? Yes.
Very surprised Vonage & CallVantage haven't come out with this yet. I know they've looked into it. I haven't read the pattent fully yet, but it may have some interesting impact on future hosted PBX / IP Centrex providers.


But, then again, 8x8 has 60 other patents, and last quarter, they received $50,000 (yes, that's correct = $50,000 only). Their most recent venture licensing the H.264 patent with Via Licensing has returned absolutely zero in revenues, and, after speaking with reps at Via, the program is admittedly "not doing well." They also sued Sony a couple years ago (frivelously, in my opinion), filed an 8-K telling shareholder they were suing Sony for video patents, yet, when that lawsuit was essentially dismissed, they failed to inform shareholders through an 8-K filing because THAT "wasn't material."

Who cares how many patents a company holds if they are NOT going to enforce them, and are completely worthless in generating revenues or value for the company?

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