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January 22, 2006


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Stuart Mudie

What I was trying to say in my original post is that I believe in the idea (or, perhaps more accurately, the "ideal") of convergence, but that the reality might be further off than we think.

My recent experiences listening to music on an iPod shuffle rather than my phone, for instance, have led me to believe that convergent devices do a lot of things quite well without being really really good at anything. No great revelation there, you might think, but it's a recent discovery for me. I always thought my Nokia 6630 could do everything except make tea.

People do want such devices, though - just look at the very first comment in response to my post - but perhaps not everyone. And as you point out, there may be too many vested interests to prevent them ever taking off anyway. Since when did the market ever give people what they want?

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