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November 17, 2004


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I live off of SBC's backbone in snet.net territory. The backbone is actually quite nice and has a lot of peering arrangements already; routing is quite efficient to most sites, even worldwide -- while there's no native SBC routes out of the country, the peering arrangements are for the most part well thought out. (See http://sbcbackbone.net) Traffic tends to go through Sprintlink when there's no better peer (but more often goes to a peer). My only complaints are that too many packets go from CT down to VA for peering, then back up to NYC instead of going straight to NYC (there's some SBC peering there, but not enough), and the suboptimal routes to att.net territory (annoying for playing battle.net games of Warcraft 3, Diablo II, WoW, etc.).

But hey, I'm all for better and more peering arrangements.

Passing Through

Here's an interesting article that's been overlooked.


It suggests SBC is looking WAY beyond the home VOIP application that most folks think of when they subscribe to Vonage.

I don't believe VOIP is total "after thought" for SBC as some folks have lamented. Granted they'd probably rather stay with the money making ways of old. It was easier back then. But I don't think they're sittin sippin slurpees in VOIP planning meetings anymore.

You have to read well into the article to get to the discussion about SBC. But it is clear SBC is thinking some combination of wireless and VOIP from home to road to office.

I'm still pondering why SBC would risk raising your awareness of Wi-Fi VOIP possibilities away from the home at the expense of more lucrative cell calls.

Maybe it's the bundle game. If I can get you to believe that you can get ALL your services from me and the total package will be reasonable...even if I loose on some and gain on others...then you'll stay with me and I'll win the customer entrenchment factor that'll be worth megabucks to me over the long term as I reel in marketshare.

Back to the monopoly game as has been suggested by others.


ever get the feeling we are at a ''rigged poker'' match where everyone tries to cheat and NOBODY wants to bet!!!!!!!


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